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Balustrade Definition Dictionary. Wikipedia, lexilogos, larousse dictionary, le robert, oxford, grévisse. Here, as in the cathedral, the idea of the balustrade under the clerestory is carried out.

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A row of balusters topped by a rail, serving as an open parapet, as along the edge of a balcony, terrace, bridge, staircase, or the eaves of a building. A small wooden or stone pillar or column is a baluster, like the balusters that support a stairway railing. Or, the pot of basil.

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What balustrade means in swahili, balustrade meaning in swahili, balustrade definition, examples and pronunciation of balustrade in swahili language. This flower resembles the curved parts of a pillar, hence the modern noun balustrade, which refers to a rail connected with a row of supporting posts. English to swahili dictionary swahili to english dictionary read text browse words favorite words learn words vocabulary games fill in the blanks word search history Balustrade definition, meaning, french dictionary, synonym, see also 'balustre',balustrer',balourde',balisarde', reverso dictionary, french definition, french vocabulary