Carport Slab Thickness

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Carport Slab Thickness. Thicker slabs can safely accommodate anchors of any size but with thin slabs you should only use shorter anchors. The standards are expressed in terms of compressive strength which boils down to the amount of water used in the mix.

Absolute Steel Structures Concrete Foundation Requirements
Absolute Steel Structures Concrete Foundation Requirements from

Its a good idea to run a perimeter of 12 inch rebar around the edge. Depending upon the type load coming upon the slab the thickness is varied- Light Loads - For one to two light cars or trucks the concrete should be at least four inches thick. Concrete anchors provide support to.

All three types of slabs will need a footer and a slab of at least 4 thick.

Minimum of 4 thick slab for normal residential use cars light trucks etc Footing must be of 42 in depth although some local codes allow for less depth Minimum of 12 wide footing. Carport slab Absolute minimum thickness should be 4 thickand go and extra 2 deep around the edges for about 10 inConcretes always weakest around the edges. The footers depth needs to be the frost lines depth or as per local code but no less than 12 deep. Whatever you plan on doing your concrete slab should be at least 5 cm thick.