Deter Roosting Swallows Under Carport

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Deter Roosting Swallows Under Carport. Youll have to get up there with a ladder to do it though or hire a handyperson to take care of it. Stretch netting across rafters to deny birds access to the underside of your carport.

How Do I Keep Barn Swallows Out Of My Garage
How Do I Keep Barn Swallows Out Of My Garage from

I was told that it was painted blue to prevent birds from nesting in the porch area. The simple swallow deterrent uses hanging twine to block birds from entering and nesting in eaves awnings gables canopies and other openings. The argument was that birds wont nest where they see sky above them.

If you dont yet have a problem with birds in your carport and you would like to keep it that way consider purchasing a fake predator to scare them off.

An artificial owl is a great choice for this job. Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler used to deter crows and large pest birds from open spaces. You can even get them in different colors so that they can blend in a. A piece of fishing line or 2 strung taughtly between 2 nails about 1015 mm above the rafter they are roosting on.