How To Anchor A Metal Carport To The Ground

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How To Anchor A Metal Carport To The Ground. Carport Central offers rebar anchors that are 12 x 32 which are used to provide strength and stability to custom metal structures. Each auger anchor is then turned into the ground with a metal rod or strong tool handle until secure.

Metal Carports Ccr Buildings
Metal Carports Ccr Buildings from

Installation of metal carports with rebar anchors entails drilling a hole into the base of the rail fixing the anchor and securing it in the ground. The anchors are driven into the ground with a sledgehammer for a secure hold. Continue tapping the anchor bolt into the hole until the anchor bolt stops moving.

Here at Carport Central rebar anchors are used for custom carports in areas of low winds and sturdy soil.

What are the methods used to anchor the carport and garages. Because of the harshness of the winters in Quebec it is highly recommended to combine this an. How to anchor a shed. Step 1 Measuring the Site for Anchoring Mark the locations of the anchor holes and rails on the site you will be installing your carport on.