Keep Birds Out Of Carport

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Keep Birds Out Of Carport. Both of these types of birds are natural predators to pigeons and smaller birds and will scare the birds from your carport. Place a plastic owl in the carport.

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Scaring the birds can be an easy and effective trick. Survey your carport for the selling points that make it attractive real estate for birds. You can place a fake owl or a fake snake on your carports roof to scar the birds nesting in your shed.

Place grain under a nearby tree to attract them to a.

Id say to simply cover it over with plywood and actually convert it to an attic - install a drop-down ladder and put some shelves up there or something for storage. Save more with Subscribe Save. Interesting - your carport roof if bare. PetiDream Bird Netting -Stops HawksBirds from Plants Fruit Trees and Vegetables - Perfect as Garden Netting and Protective Net in 13ftx 33ftBlack.